Improvements in and relating to a lifting device

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Julio Villars
  • Publication Date: January 13, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-615929-A


615,929. Load-handling apparatus. VILLARS, J. June 12, 1946, No. 17590. Convention date, March 14. (Class 78 (iii)] A lifting device comprising lifting arms, each connected at one end to a lifting mechanism housed in a support, is characterised in that each arm is connected rigidly to a sleeve which is moved vertically in the support by the lifting mechanism, the member rigidly connecting the arm to its sleeve moving along a slot in the support completely covered by the sleeve, and the sleeve being guided by rollers at its ends engaging the inner wall of the support. In the embodiment shown, rails 2 for supporting a motor vehicle are connected at their ends to a pair of arms 1 carried by members 17 on sleeves 13, each of which is raised and lowered in a housing 4 by a screw 6 engaging a nut 12 attached to the sleeve. Both screws are connected through gearing 8, 9 to a shaft 10 driven by an electric motor 11. Each member 17 moves along a slot 16 in its housing 4, whilst each sleeve 13 is guided by rollers 14, 15 engaging the inner wall of its housing. The lifting mechanism may comprise a cable and pulley, a rack-and-pinion or a hydraulic jack.




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