Cases or holders for cosmetic sticks and other material in stick form

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Frank SatzMel Berns
  • Publication Date: January 19, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-616290-A


616,290. Holders for cosmetic &c. sticks. SATZ, F., and BERNS, M. March 12, 1946, No. 7717. [Class 18] A container for a cosmetic or other article in stick form comprises a tube 10 having a guide element 26 fixed axially within it by being rigidly attached to a cap 12 which closes one end of the tube 10. The other end has rigidly attached in slots, two diametrically opposite bearing elements 15 in which the ends 17 of two closure members 19 are pivoted. A support member 22 carrying the cosmetic stick C is capable of being moved longitudinally relative to the tube 10 by extensions which pass through slots 41, 40 in the guide element 26 and the tube 10. These extensions are connected to knobs 43 on the outside of the container. The support member 22 has surfaces 36 at its upper end which engage with cam profiled fins 18 on the closure members 19 to open the closure members as the support member is raised, or to hold them closed when the support member 22 is in its lowest position. The fins 18 of the closure members 19 engage in slots 30 in the guide element 26 which keep them in alignment.




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