Improvements in ash blowing equipment for lancashire type steam boilers


616,598. Steam jet conveyers. BOLTON'S SUPERHEATER & PIPE WORKS, Ltd., und GRAY, T. F. Sept. 18, 1946, No. 27986. [Class 78 (i)] [Also in Group XII] Ash-blowing equipment for a Lancashire type steam boiler comprises nozzles f in the furnace flues, each nozzle f being secured to a flue-plate e over the end of a steam branch connection c which projects through and is welded to the flue-plate e. Each nozzle f is provided with horizontal grooves which secure a cover i protecting the back and top of the nozzle. A guard plate m, which prevents erosion of the flue-plate c, slides into vertical grooves in the cover i. The steam branch connection c is provided with an expansion bend between the nozzle and the main steam pipe.




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