Improvements relating to the regulation of the pressure in the induction piping of internal combustion engines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bendix Aviat Corp
  • Publication Date: February 15, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-617967-A


617,967. Fluid-pressure servomotors. BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION. Nov. 21, 1945, No. 31344. Convention date, Nov. 18, 1944. Addition to 611,909. [Class 135] [Also in Group XXVII] The arrangement described in the parent Specification is modified by the addition to the regulator of means for manually varying its datum operated by a lever 218, and by the interconnection, by an operating rod (not shown) of the lever 218 with the manuallyoperated throttle valve of the parent Specification. As shown, the datum of the regulator is varied by varying the pressure of a spring 80 by operation of the lever 218. When the throttle valve is opened the lever 218 moves to relieve the pressure of the spring, thus raising the boost pressure necessary to bring the regulator control valve to a neutral position. The lever 218 is carried by a shaft 203 mounted in an eccentric bearing sleeve 204. The end of the shaft opposite to the lever carries an eccentric portion 201. The eccentric portion has rotatably mounted on it an anti-friction roller bearing 200. A spring 210 is arranged to tend to rotate the shaft so that the bearing 200 is forced against a member 82 which has a flange 81 engaging the spring 80. When the lever 218 is turned anti-clockwise (Fig. 4), the roller bearing applies pressure to the member 82 and compresses spring 80, thus reducing the pressure setting of the regulator. The eccentric sleeve 204 can be rotated to vary the position of the shaft 203 and may be locked by a screw 235 passing through a slot in its flange 230.




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