Improvements in and relating to electric snap-action switches


618,226. Snap-action switches. BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON CO., Ltd. Jan. 3, 1945, No. 296. Convention date, Jan. 3, 1944. [Class 38 (v)] A device for preventing the rebound of the movable contacts of a single-throw, snapaction switch of the construction described in Specification 564,681, comprises a light cantilever spring 40, attached at one end to a lower fixed.stop or contact 21. The other end 41 of the spring embraces a contact 18 on the movable contact-spring 15. When the latter is moved to the closed position, the contact 18 abuts the end 41 and is prevented from bouncing from an upper fixed contact 20 by the inertia of the spring 40. The spring 40 may be attached to the upper fixed contact 20 and form part of a normally-closed, single-throw switch (Fig. 4, not shown). In a modification, two springs 40 are used to prevent the rebound of both movable contacts.




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