Improvements in and relating to bed tables, desks and the like

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Harold Doherty
  • Publication Date: March 02, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-619024-A


619,024. Tables. DOHERTY, H. Nov. 20, 1946, No. 34415. [Class 52 (iii)] A table-top 6 rotatably supported on a cantilever support bar 11 and axially movable against a tension spring 14 for engaging locking means to secure the top in its adjusted position has a housing for the spring and cantilever arm formed by a channelled member 8 on the underside of the top and by a cover plate 9 secured to the channelled member. The channel is shaped to provide end and intermediate bearings for the cantilever bar 11 and holds a screw 15 for altering the tension of the spring 14 through an anchor bar 13. The locking means comprise a ring of holes in a flange on the table top co-operating with pins on the head 17 of a pedestal 19 and may be disengaged by a trigger 21. The pedestal may be clamped to the base by a split tube 22 clamped in position by a wedge 23.




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