Improvements in, or relating to, fluid mixing devices


623,297. Valves. WALKER, CROSWELLER, & CO., Ltd., and BARKER, C. L. April 26, 1947, No. 11210. [Class 135] In a device for mixing hot water or steam with cold water in which the fluids are fed in at opposite ends of a tubular valve seating member having an intermediate partition and ports controlled by a sleeve valve operated by a thermally-sensitive unit, the tubular member is of a length slightly less than the distance between the casing walls of the device and has a resilient annular washer at each end to create a fluid-tight but thermal expansionpermitting seal. The washers 9 are carried in grooves 10 on the seating 3 and are received in grooves 12 in a cradle 11 on the inside of the casing. When straps 14, also having washerreceiving grooves 15 are bolted across the cradles, the washers are compressed. Rotation of the seating is prevented by pins 18 entering recesses 17. In a modification, each end of the seating fits into an annulus carrying the washer, the annulus socketing into a wedgeshaped cradle and being bolted to the casing.




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