Improvements connected with automatic feed mechanism for fire-arms

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Zbrojovka Brno Np
  • Publication Date: May 26, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-624056-A


624,056. Smallarms. ZBROJOVKA BRNO, NARODNI PODNIK. June 6, 1947, No. 14952. Convention date, June 21, 1946. [Class 119] Relates to smallarms which as in Specification 502,782 embody a rotary feed drum 1 of polyhedral form for feeding ammunition from the magazine to the breech. According to the invention friction is reduced by so forming each face of the drum that only a portion of its length engages a cartridge at any given instant. Thus each face may be formed as shown by two surfaces 2<SP>1</SP> meeting one another at a ridge 4.




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