Method and apparatus for the forging of mechanical work-pieces such as in particular screw-propeller bosses


624,871. Forging screw propellers; perforating by forging. COMPAGNIE DES FORGES ET ACIERIES DE LA MARINE & D'HOMECOURT. Aug. 20, 1946, No. 24746. Convention date, Aug. 3, 1943. [Class 83 (iv)] A method of forging work-pieces such as screw-propeller hubs from a pre-formed blank with bosses thereon, comprises compressing the blank between dies which completely enclose it except for the terminal face of at least one boss and then longitudinally piercing the said boss or bosses. In one form, Fig. 1, the preformed blank is first compressed between a lower die 6 in a holder 2 secured to the bed 1 and an upper die 7 whose holder 3 is carried by a vertically moving press head 13. The dies 6 and 7 are formed with three horizontallyextending branches arranged at angles of 120 degrees to receive the bosses which are then pierced by horizontal punches 8 carried by rams 4, only one of the three rams and punches being shown. The finished forging has its fibres parallel to the contour of the boss, as shown in Fig. 7. In a modification, Fig. 8, the blank is compressed between upper and lower dies 22, 23, leaving exposed only the terminal face of a boss extending vertically upwards. This boss is then pierced by a vertically moving punch 26. The blank is transferred to other dies for the piercing of the other bosses.




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