Improvements in or relating to alternating current electric motor equipments


625,951. Control of A.C. motors. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., and FRIEDLANDER, E. S. March 11, 1947, No. 6766. Drawings to Specification. [Class 38(iii)] The subject-matter of this Specification is substantially the same as that described in Specification 625,950, but the claims relate to an alternating-current motor equipment including a wound rotor induction motor arranged for dynamic braking and a load circuit or circuits arranged to be connected with the generating winding during both motoring and braking, wherein a single means operating in dependence upon the speed of the said motor is arranged to operate further means adapted to control the impedance of the said load circuit or circuits both during motoring and braking in such a manner as to produce, with a constant value of current in the exciting winding during braking and with a constant alternating voltage across the said winding during motoring, a torque that is substantially constant or follows a predetermined torque/speed characteristic. Specification 613,856 also is referred to.




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