Improvements in the construction of ash hoppers and hearths more particularly for solid fuel furnaces and the like


627,296. Ashpits. DANIELS, A. W., and B.V.C. INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTIONS, Ltd. May 27, 1946, No. 16043. [Class 51 (i)] [Also in Group XXX] A hopper 1 for furnace ash has base 5 formed of interlocking metal blocks 10 each provided with a recess 12, which recesses interconnect to form passages for a cooling fluid. Fig. 4. Blocks 10 rest on metal support 11 carried by frame 7. The latter is lined with firebricks 6 to which are bolted metal plates 9. The blocks are shaped as shown so that they cannot be removed without first removing plates 9. Fig. 2. Jets 18 may be introduced through the base 5, e.g. as units which replace one or more blocks 10. The cooling stream for the blocks is injected from jet 64. Gate 14 controls exit 13. ' Specification 614,250 is referred to.




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