Improvements in or relating to the actuating gear of steam-engine distributing valves

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Albert Reidinger
  • Publication Date: August 23, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-628107-A


628,107. Steam-engine valve gear. REIDINGER, A. Oct. 25, 1945, No. 28182. [Class 122(ii)] In a steam-engine valve gear, suitable for a locomotive, the valve spindle 14 is connected by link 57 to the radius rod 42 that carries a block 41 sliding in the guide of expansion link 20. The expansion link 20 is directly mounted on a crank or eccentric 40 driven by the engine and is also supported by links 50 engaging pivots 53 and 51, the latter being fixed to the framing. The throw of the crank or eccentric is equal to the sum of the lap and the lead of the valve. The position of the block 41 in the guide is controlled by the link 69 .one end of which is guided and is actuated by the reversing lever 60. In the arrangement shown, the eccentric 40 is mounted on a separate shaft driven from the locomotive axle by worm gearing 24 37 connected by a shaft 33. The worm gearing 37, expansion link 20 and the radius rod 42 and part of the reversing gear are enclosed in the casing 36. and lubricated. The gearing may be adapted for actuating lift valves or separate inlet and exhaust slide valves.




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