Improvements in or relating to straps and especially wristlet watch straps


628,865. Attaching articles to person. ORLO LEATHER GOODS, Ltd., and ULLMAN, F. E. April 9, 1947, No. 9385. [Class 43] Means for attaching straps to a wrist watch comprise a flexible cordlike member which is passed through the watch loop, is doubled back on itself, and has its ends detachably gripped in a clamp, which comprises a U-shaped channel member having a loop round which one of the straps is secured, one limb of an L-shaped member pivoted in the channel member being provided with gripping serrations, the other limb forming a lever which can be raised or lowered to release or grip the cord-like member. Two short straps 10, 11, of leather or the like, having the usual buckle 12 and perforations 13, are each attached to a metal clamping device by means of a loop 14 provided in an extension of the latter. The clamp consists of a U-shaped member 15 in which is pivoted an L- shaped member, one limb 16 of which has gripping serrations, the other limb 17 constituting an operating lever ; the base of the member 15 is shaped to provide two shallow channels 18, 19. A thin cord 20, 21 of textile material, leather, plastic or the like, is threaded through each watch loop and is doubled back on itself, after which its ends are inserted in the channels 18, 19 of the clamp, the lever 17 and hence the serrated part 16 of which have been raised. The lever is then pushed down so that the serrations grip the ends of the cord. A sliding metal or like encircling band 22 holds the cord lengths close together.




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