Improvements relating to arm chairs and settees


629,805. Seats. PARSONS, L., and CRANAGE, L. Dec. 6, 1947, No. 32239. [Class 52 (ii)] Arm chairs or settees have their arm rests or side portions and their seats detachably interconnected by dowel means, manually operable locking means for coaction with the dowel means being provided. The arm rest 13 is provided with a pair of dowels 15 engageable with sockets 22 mounted on the seats, pivoted levers 24 being adapted to engage annular recesses in the dowels 15 through slots in the sockets. The levers 24 for the pair of dowels are connected together by a rod 30 manipulation of which releases the dowels, the levers being spring biassed. The chair back may also be connected to the other parts by dowels.




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