• Inventors:
  • Assignees: Frank Caldecot Chapleo
  • Publication Date: November 21, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-632297-A


632,297. Preserving fruit &c. CHAPLEO, F. C. May 28, 1946, No. 16222. [Class 49] [Also in Group XVII] For sterilizing bottled fruit and the like there is used an apparatus comprising a support with a perforated base D above and parallel to which is a plate H having apertures J to take standard sterilizing jars, a sterilizing pan A, and means, e.g., straps E having handles F and hooks G enabling the support to be placed in the pan so that the jars are covered with water to the requisite depth for sterilizing or supported at such a height that the jars project above the top of the pan so that they may readily be sealed by hand. An electric heater K in a compartment below the water-containing part of the pan may be provided.




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