Improvements in table top refrigerators


632,545. Cabinets. McKELLAR, O. A. Oct. 27, 1947, No. 28640. [Class 52 (i)] [Also in Groups XIII and XVII] A refrigerated top-opening cabinet 1 contains vertically-movable storage racks 5, 5d each fitted with a lug 8 which may be engaged, by selector rods 11 carried on the top plate 10 so that by engaging the appropriate rods with the lugs any desired racks may be raised for access when the plate 10 is elevated. The top 10 is borne on four rods 12 having pistons 13 working in cylinders 9 supplied with compressed air by a motor pump, the air line being fitted with an inlet valve and a pressure relief valve which are actuated by a handle 22 through a linkage 21, 20, 19. Each rod 11 is fitted with, a handle and each lifting lug 8 is located so that it lies within or approximately within a triangle defined by three of the rods 12. The top plate 10 may serve as a table.




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