Improvements in or relating to vertical planing machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Otto Schaerer
  • Publication Date: December 19, 1949
  • Publication Number: GB-633564-A


633,564. Planing. SCHAERER, O. March 14, 1947, No. 7130. [Class 83 (iii)] A vertical planing machine comprises a longitudinally-movably work slide 2 and a ram 6 guided vertically on a two-part frame, of which the upper part 5 is guided horizontally on the fixed lower part 4 and is adjustable to and from the work both by a manual and an automatic feed. The frame 5 is adjustable along the guide 4<SP>1</SP> by a lead screw 12 driven either by a hand wheel 10 or by a vertical shaft 16 connected through a gear-box 15 to a motor 14. The work is carried on a rotatable table 3 carried by combined longitudinal and crossslides 2 which are actuated from the gear-box 15 through a horizontal shaft 17. A dividing mechanism as described in Specification 560,674 is also operated from the gear-box 15 and has a rate-selector disc 18 and a contact device 19 which is closed on every ram stroke arid operates an electromagnet 20 to control the movement of the work slides or of the upper frame. The ram is reciprocated by oscillating- link mechanism indicated at 8.




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