Improvements in or relating to method and apparatus for vulcanizing a strip of uncured rubber


634,127. Vulcanizing rubber strips. AMERICAN HARD RUBBER CO. July 9, 1947, No. 18130. Convention date, Feb. 6, 1941. [Class 70] A strip of uncured rubber is vulcanized by applying a backing, e.g. of paper to one side of the uncured rubber strip to form a composite strip, winding the composite strip upon a roll simultaneously with a separator strip interposed between each two adjacent layers of the composite strip, and then subjecting the coil of alternating layers of the prepared composite strip and the separator strip to the vulcanizing process, said separator strip being adapted to contact on the wound coil only the surface of the composite strip to which the backing is applied and to form by means such as protuberances provided thereon a space between the other surface of the rubber strip and the next following separator strip. In a preferred process, to a strip of rubber composition passing between calender rolls is applied a strip of unglazed paper to form a composite strip 20 which is conveyed on to a series of conveyer rolls 30 and then under an idler roll 31 to the winding apparatus, the rate of travel of the strip being controlled by a photo-electric eye (Fig. 5, not shown). The rubber-paper strip is coiled up with the separating strip 36 for vulcanization, this separating strip having a series of hemispherical rivet heads 37 along each margin of one surface. The supply of separating strip 36 is furnished from a roll 45 consisting of coils of vulcanized rubber strip with its paper backing and coils of strip 36 which is unrolled to be wound up on drum 33 with the composite strip 20 at the same time as the vulcanized strip and its backing are being wound into the roll 50. The strip 36 may be made of synthetic resin, rubberized textile fabrics, closely woven wire or sheet metal, the preferred material being stainless steel.




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