Improvements relating to loose sheet holders


634,824. Filing paper &c. sheets. KALAMAZOO, Ltd., POWER, R. F., and CHERRY, H. A. Oct. 31, 1947, No. 29085. [Class 146 (i)] A posting tray for loose leaves comprises a base 1, a fixed sheet support 4 arranged at an inclination to the vertical adjacent one end of the base, a complementary support 15 pivotally attached at 14 to a slide 12 on the base and an actuating handle 17 pivotally attached at one end 16 to the slide and having at the other end a slidable connection 18 with the support 15, means being provided for automatically securing the slide to the base 1 when the actuating handle 17 is released. The base 1 is formed from sheet metal with side and end flanges 3, one end being continued and bent as shown to form the inclined support 4 or the end 3 may be secured to the support 4. The base 1 is formed with a central channel 10 for channel-shaped. guide members 11 at each side in which ride rollers 13 on the slide 12, and is also formed with channels 7 at each side for racks 5 which are engaged by tongue pieces 9 on index sheets 8 which may divide the loose leaves into sections. The locking device for securing the slide comprises crossed bell-crank levers 23 carried on a common pivot 25 and spring- loaded at 24 to wedge the outer ends against the sides of the guides 11. The levers 23 are released by a trigger 20 pressing against their inner ends 26, the trigger 20 being pivoted at 21 to the handle 17 and spring-loaded at 22, a pin 28 limiting the movement of the trigger. A pair of side guards 29 are provided, their ends 30 being bent downwards and hinged at 33 to connecting pieces 31 which have an extension 32 sliding in the end flanges 3 of the base, a pin and spring-loaded plunger being provided to limit the hingeing movement.




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