Improvements in coke and like screening machines


635,460. Screening apparatus. WEST, Sir F. J., WEST, E., and WEST'S GAS IMPROVEMENT CO., Ltd. April 21, 1948, No. 10978. [Class 117] Apparatus for screening coke or like material comprises a travelling endless belt b across which are arranged at intervals inclined grilles or screens c which direct material which will not pass through the particular grille or screen to one side of the belt at which delivery takes place in shoots or hoppers e. Deflectors g may be provided to cause the material which passes through a grille to travel towards the other side of the belt so that when it reaches the next grille it will travel across the face thereof to ensure efficient screenings. The successive grilles may be inclined alternatively in one direction and the other, and likewise the deflectors g. The grilles or screens each comprise rows of spaced vertical bars, rods or rollers rotatable about their vertical axis, and reaching close to the belt surface and may be vibrated, e.g., by electric devices h, to assist the screening. The material may be delivered to the conveyer belt b at one side, e.g., at a.




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