Adjusting mechanism for drawing tables

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Marcel Vercauteren
  • Publication Date: April 26, 1950
  • Publication Number: GB-636112-A


636,112. Drawing tables. VERCAUTEREN, M. June 11, 1946, No. 17468. [Class 52 (iii)] An adjustable drawing table comprises a fixed base 1 and a table top 2 which is moved between horizontal and vertical planes by a lever mechanism and which may be set in any desired position by a rack and pin mechanism. To each side of the table 2, levers 4 are pivoted at 5 and rotate about the shaft 3 on the base 1. One such lever 4 has a 90 degrees toothed sector plate 6 fixed to it on the other side of the shaft 3 and this sector plate is engaged by a pin 8 on an arm 9 pivoted at 10 and connected to a pedal 14 by a rod 11 and a lever 12. A return spring 15 is provided. This sector plate 6 allows the table to swing about the axis 3 and the ratchet enables it to be fixed. The axis 3 carries levers 16 carrying ratchet plates 21 at 90 degrees to the line of said levers which are operated by a similar pedal mechanism. Links 17 are pivoted to the table 2 at 18, and to the levers 16 at 19 and are joined together by a counterbalance 20.




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