Improvements in or connected with electric plug-and-socket couplings


638,450. Two-part couplings. SCHOLES & CO., Ltd., G. H., PEARCE, F. J., and PEARCE, G. S. Dec. 18, 1947, No. 33417. [Class 38 (i)] In a fused plug, the fuse 31, Fig. 3, is introduced laterally through a slot 14 in the plug base 8 and maintained in contact with contacts 15, 16 on a terminal 17 and one plug pin 11, respectively, by a spring 30 on a closure member 27 for the slot. The slot and closure member have bevelled sides 26, 28 which coact to hold the latter in place after introduction endwise into the slot. In a modification, Fig. 7, the ends of the member 27 are rabetted for engagement respectively with a corresponding rabet in the base and by a catch 34 pivoted thereon.




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