Improvements in loose leaf binders

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Galco Ab
  • Publication Date: July 12, 1950
  • Publication Number: GB-640044-A


640,044. Loose-leaf binders. AKTIEBOLAGET GALCO. Nov. 11, 1947, No. 30035. Convention date, Sept. 30, 1941. [Class 146 (i)] In a loose-leaf binder which comprises back portions 1, 2 pivotally connected at 3 and mutually longitudinally displaceable, prongs 7 for the loose-leaves, a locking device to lock the back portions 1, 2 in one or more angular positions consisting in a lock bridge 21 on the back portion 1 and a pawl 11 on the back portion 2, and protecting members rigidly connected to the back portions to strike against each other when closing the binder if the back portions are displaced to thereby protect the locking device and prongs, the protecting members 35, 37 have guiding faces co-operating with one another such that by sliding on one another at the moment of closure they will effect a mutual longitudinal displacement of the back portions 1, 2 into the proper position for closing the binder. The members 35, 37 may be wedge-like, pyramidal or conical pins or plates. As shown the wedge shaped pin 37 secured to a downward flange 38 of the web 22 of one prong attachment 8 may strike against the surface 40 or 39 of a wedge plate 35 secured to the web 36 of the other prong attachment 8 to bring the back portions into position for locking or into a safe position respectively. Two or more pairs of members 35, 37 may be provided. The displacement into proper position may be assisted by a bevelled surface to the front hook 30 of the pawl 11 which will strike against the locking edge 49 of a recess 23 in the bent down flange 24 of the lock bridge 21, the back portions being then locked either by the hook 30 or a second hook 31, the pawl 11 being pivoted about a pin 12 to a bridge 22 and spring urged to the locking position. The Specification as open to inspection under Sect. 91 comprises also a modification in which the lock bridge 21 is formed into the protective member by a pointed extension to cooperate with the bevelled portion of the hook 30 of the pawl 11. In a further construction, the recess 23 in the flange 24 is extended into the top plate of the lock bridge 21 to prevent damage to the pawl and the recess may also extend to the outer edge of the flange 24. A further con. struction provides stop members which abut to stop closing of the binder in the displaced position ; the stop members may comprise blocks on both back halves or an apertured plate on one back portion and posts or pins on the other portion. This subject-matter does not appear in the Specification as accepted.




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