Improvements in or relating to rotary electric switches

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Paillard Sa
  • Publication Date: August 23, 1950
  • Publication Number: GB-642079-A


642,079. Switches held set and freed mechanically. PAILLARD SOC. ANON. Sept. 22, 1948, No. 24755. Convention date, Oct. 16, 1947. [Class 38(v)] A switch comprises a contact-carrying rotor which can be moved in turn to a number of service positions in which it is resiliently locked against the action of a spring tending to restore it directly to normal, release being effected by pressing the rotatable actuating member to slide the rotor axially and separate the parts of a clutch connecting the rotor and resilient locking device. A tension spring 19 is compressed between the rotor 20 and the base 1, the ends 28, 29 of the spring engaging, respectively, in holes 51, 53 in the base and rotor. The latter is located in its various positions by means of blade springs 39, 40, co-operating with a square block 38 secured to a disc 45 having holes 46 engageable by pins 31 on a clutch member 30 fixed to the rotor. The switch is operated to its service positions in turn by a knob 34, movement of the rotor being limited by lugs 32, 33 on clutch member 30 engaging parts 44 of the springs 39, 40. Depression of the knob 34 disengages pins 31 from holes 46 and allows the spring 19 to return the rotor to its normal position, in which the contacts 5, 23 and 7, 25 are in engagement, Fig 2. The contacts 23, 25 and a further contact 24 are bent down from radial portions of an annular ring 22 lying in a groove on the underside of the rotor.




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