Improvements in and relating to means for conveying or transporting biscuits and like articles from one level to another


645,313. Conveyers. WHALLEY, E. H., BAKER PERKINS, Ltd., CONLAN, J. H., and CRAWFORD & SONS, Ltd., W. June 9, 1948, No. 15542. [Class 78 (i)] Means for transferring biscuits or like articles from one level to another comprises a rotary drum of relatively large diameter having a yielding bristled surface for engaging the biscuits while travelling in their arcuate path around the drum axis the arcuate path being lapped by an outer endless travelling band which is driven from the drum. Biscuits 6 conveyed on a part 4b of a lapping conveyer 4 are elevated by passing round a drum 1 provided with bristles 2 being retained in contact by the part 4a of lapping conveyer and are discharged by passing over a bridging plate 8 on to a conveyer 7. The lapping conveyer passes round pulleys 5 and has a leadoff portion. The drum 2 has end pulleys of the same diameter as the bristles, the belt 4 resting on the pulleys. In a modification the drum may be replaced by a conveyer belt having bristles and passing over a large and small pulley, or alternatively when the biscuits are fed from a higher level the conveyer may be horizontal and the pulleys of equal size. In an alternative form the lapping conveyer may have the bristles, the drum having a plain or padded surface. A cleaning device in the form of a small drum having bristles contacting the elevating surface may be incorporated. Specifications 536,262 and 548,429 are referred to.




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