Improvements relating to the production of moulded articles


646,341. Bottles; hollow - ware. UNIVERSAL METAL PRODUCTS, Ltd., and BIDDULPH, M. Oct. 25, 1948, No. 27668. [Classes 66 and 125(i)] A hollow article, moulded from synthetic resins, thermo-plastic, or thermosetting materials, such as a bottle, is made in two or more parts which are secured and sealed together by a strip of synthetic resin moulded over projections formed on these parts. The upper part g of a bottle spigots into a lower part e, the parts having flanges h and f respectively which are clamped in sealing relationship by an embracing moulded strip of synthetic resin i. In an alternative construction, a separate base part fits within a flange formed on the bottom of the main body part so that the peripheral edge of the base part and the flange may be embraced by a moulded strip of synthetic resin. In a further construction, a flanged base part spigots into a flanged body part, the two flanges being embraced by a moulded strip of synthetic resin.




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